Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Titusville to Daytona Beach — April 6, 2013

Little windy yesterday.  We still had the remnants of the cold front to deal with in the form of wind.  The portion of the trip south of Cape Canaveral is on a part of the intercoastal that is probably a mile wide and with the wind out of the north there was a 2′ chop on the water.  This was not uncomfortable but we took a lot of water spray over the boat.  I had to hose the boat down to get rid of all the salt left from the spray.

Saturday is also a busy day on the ICW.  At one point we were in a line of probably 12 boats.  The boats were probably evenly divided between sail and power.  Saw probably 4 or 5 Sherriff boat’s on the water.  Lot of fisherman on the water especially neat the Cape Canaveral Cutoff Canal. I am sure a lot of them were trying to stay out of the wind and waves.

We saw 4 small, single engine prop planes that were part of an air show near New Smyrna Beach.  I could see the air traffic control tower and the planes were diving like they were on a bombing mission but they were letting out long trails of smoke.  We were able to watch this for a couple of miles.

The pictures today are from us leaving Titusville Municipal Marina.  It was a pretty good stop.  The biggest issue I had was all the signs telling you what you couldn’t do with your dog.  They certainly don’t have any dog lovers on their rule making committee.

We also have some pictures of what appears to be a missile on a barge in the Cape Canaveral Haul Over Canal.  Not a huge missile but interesting.

I also have some pictures of the Halifax Harbor where we are in Daytona Beach. It is a pretty classy place.  We are on “I” dock and they must have another couple of docks after “I”.  They do slip side check-in.  After we were tied up the dockhand  gave us some paperwork to fill out and then he did a credit card slip right there.  First time we have ever had that but he explained that the office is a long, long, walk all the way around the perimeter of the marina.  He even mentioned that we could return the shower/restroom key on our way out.  They will put out a net and you throw the key in it as you go by the gas dock.

There is also a West Marine Store on-site.  I will need to make a trip over there later today to pick up a few supplies.  There are also 2 restaurants on site, one is a Landry Chart House and the other is a dockside seafood place we may try tonight.

Tomorrow we travel to St. Augustine and the World Golf Hall of Fame.  Lenore and Candy are not real interested in that.