Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Melbourne – Titusville — April 5, 2013

Time really flies.  I planned on posting this yesterday or the day before.  I do not want to get behind because it will be harder to catch up.

Had a nice visit from Charlie and Sue Cook on Tuesday in Melbourne. Charlie retired from MDOT. I had worked with him for more than 14 years while he was at the Port Huron TSC. The weather was great and is was nice to tlak over old times.

We travelled on Wednesday to Titusville/ It was not a long trip but a nice section of the ICW. The last bridge into Titusville area was on my charts as a 9′ clearance bascule bridge. Well it has been replaced by a new bridge that is fixed with 66′ of clearance, yea.


Titusville is on the west side of the ICW and the Kennedy Space Center is on the east side.  There is not a lot of activity at the space center because of the space program being mothballed.  We could see the launch towers from the ICW as we moved along.  Did not see any launches and there are none scheduled right now.

Boat traffic was pretty minimal on the ICW and that was probably because it was the middle of the week. The wind was not an issue as it was out of the east at maybe 10 mph.  All in all it was a pleasant ride with the marina and its entrance channel pretty easy to spot.

The weather here has finally caught up to us. We really have had minimal rain in the time we have been in Florida. It rained on and off most of yesterday but there have been a couple of breaks for Candy’s walks. Today has been more rain but some bigger breaks between the showers. The front moved thru about an hour ago and the way the marina is situated we are rocking in the slip right now. I hope the forecasts are right with the winds diminishing later this evening because it is blowing 20 to 25 mph right now.

We originally planned on leaving today (Friday) but we stayed due to the weather forecast. We will move onto Daytona Beach tomorrow.

The pictures are pictures are of Charlie and Sue and the trip down to Titusville.