Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Golden Isle Marina to Kilkenney Marina — April 15, 2013

I did not post this last night because the internet service was slooooow, at best.

It rained most of the day Sunday so it was a good day to watch the Masters Golf Tournament. Fortunately the rain breaks came at the same time as Candy’s walk times. I slept thru it but Lenore said there was quite a wind around 11:00 Sunday night. Later on the radio we heard that wind gusts were clocked at the marina at 63 mph.

The trip was a good one that we started with a buddy boat, the Lady K-K with Larry and Sherry. THe fog from the dock did not look bad with visibility about 1 mile. Once out on the water we had visibility down to about 1/4 mile but after about 6 miles of crawling along using the radar and chart plotter the visibility increased to about 2 miles and then just got better from there.

We had a couple of boats that started out but decided to return to the marina because there was no guarantee when the fog would improve. One of them was a trawler that appeared right in front of us and was going way to fast for the conditions. I stopped and he did a hard starboard (right for the non-nauticals) turn and a collision was avoided. The other guy that returned to the dock was a unique story in that they had read about the Loop and decided to do it even though they had never boated before in there lives. This was their 11th day on the water in a rented boat and he was a little stressed out to say the least. We did see them outside Savannah today so they made another 100 miles without losing it.

This part of the ICW in Georgia is probably 80% wide open marsh area with some scattered National Parks and some areas of really nice homes. We were crossing one sound yesterday and I commented that in some respects it looked like areas in the Georgian Bay north of Parry Sound.

We took somewhat of a chance with the Kilkenney Marina for the night because there is only 2 marinas located centrally between St Simons Island and Savannah. It is 2 miles off the ICW on Kilkenney Creek and had a lay along dock probably about 400′ long. I thought it had a rustic charm and Lenore just thought it was rustic. It was a nice peaceful night with no trains or road traffic.

We had a longer than usual day making better than 68 miles and not getting into Kilkenney Marina until 4:00.  Candy is a real trouper and had no issues going that long.  The walk to the grass area was short so that made it nice for her and it was more of a village setting with grass all over the place.

I took a few pictures of the marina and the large oaks with Spanish Moss hanging from the branches and the trees were huge, 4′ and 5′ in trunk diameter..  This is typical Georgia.