Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Fernandina Beach, Florida to St. Simon Island, Georgia — April 13, 2013

The day started fairly cloudy and cool.  We had not received our mail but they said the marina was full for Saturday night so we could not stay another night but they would forward our mail.

As we moved up the ICW the sky cleared and it was a nice day on the water.  Traffic on the ICW was pretty much one way, headed North.  We travelled with a boat registered out of Houston, Texas but the couple now lives in Minnesota.  We first met them in Green Turtle Bay Marina in Grand RIvers Kentucky in October.  The Boat is the Lady KK and its crew is Larry and Sherry along with their poodle Peaches.  It was nice to have company on the water and the radio.

A couple of sections of the ICW were fairly open as we crossed inlets to the Atlantic.  There was a lot of wind in these areas so there was some chop but not a big issue.  We crossed into Georgia just north of the 1st inlet and I guess that is a milestone.  We had been in Florida since the Panhandle on December 7th, a little over 4 months.

We motored up the ICW to the St Simon Island area and are at the Golden Isle Marina.  They do have a courtesy car available.  That is the 1st courtesy car we have seen since Alabama.  It is only available for 1 hour at a time but that is better than having to take a cab or walk.

The marina is very nice and has probably 50% sailboats (in water boats) because it is very near an inlet to the Atlantic.  They have a restaurant and lots of dry storage which is almost all center console outboards.  The only drawback at this time is limited grass available for Candy and a real long walk to get to the grass.

The restaurant at the marina was good last night and we had dinner with Larry and Sherry.  We almost did not eat there because they would not take a reservation after 5:30 because it was prom night.  We had a difficult time getting a cab so Larry was able to talk his way in, especially when we saw how many empty tables they had at 7:00.  Everybody ordered a different fish entre and they were good.

We did see one Coast Guard boat on the ICW today.  It was one of the large hard bottom inflatables with a small cabin.  Not long after we arrived at Golden Isle 2 US Army boats came in.  They were similar to the Coast Guard boat except they were inboards and a lot noisier.