Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.


I have posted pictures from “Woofstock” last Saturday at Founders Park. The whole event was a fund raiser for animal rescue, primarily dogs and cats, in the Keys. They had a track for the dogs to run and timed their laps. They used a stuffed animal on a string to get the dogs to chase it, like a greyhound track, but they only ran 1 dog at a time. They also had a jumping pool to see which dog could jump the farthest. Most dogs that I saw jumprd between 8′ and 12′ and a lot of dogs really had to be coaxed into doing the jump.

I did have the opportunity to take the dingy over to Snake Creek and out into the Atlantic from the bay. The water was not too lumpy on Saturday and the round trip was probably 6+/- miles. A picture of the boat in the bulkhead slip where we spent the last 5 days. Nice location with a good view of the sunsets over the bow. The sunset is the St. Pattie’s Day sunset.

The couple is Lance and Louise Long who originally were on the Long Dock and then moved to the bulkhead slips. We were next to them for the last 5 days. They are Floridians that travel between St. Augustine and Islamorada. We enjoyed their company very much.

The travel from Islamorada to Miami was uneventful other than the strong breeze out of the southeast. We were going to stay at Crandon Marina on Key Biscayne but they were full so we ended up in downtown Miami at the Bayside Marina. This is a combination of a shopping center with a Hard Rock Cafe and a marina. Some of the other restaurants have live music outside but it wasn’t too loud last night. Lenore and I have been here before because this marina is used as the sailboat venue for the Miami Boat Show. Candy is not thrilled because there is limited grass area.  I took some pictures of what our view is from the boat.

Right now trying to decide whether to rent a car or take a cab into Miami Beach. I need to do a little research. The cab will probably be better because of the limited parking on Ocean Drive and Collins Ave.

Right now the plan is to stay until Friday. Judy and Bob (sister and her husband) will be here either Wednesday or Thursday.  They are in the Orlando area but are coming down to Boca Raton to visit Bob’s mother.