Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Travel in The Keys – Week of Feb. 6th, 2013

We have been busy this week.  Went to Key West on Monday and spent some time walking around.  Candy went with us and that cancelled her nap for the afternoon.

We spent time on Duval Street which is one of the main tourist trap streets.  Lot of interesting shops sprinkled in between the restaurants and souviner shops.  Candy thought the people were great.  I took pictures of the general area and some of the tour vehicles.  One tour guide I overheard said there are 2,684 restaurants in Key West.

We also went to a restaurant called Hog Heaven (Islamorada) that was recommended by some of the people at the marina. It did not look like much from the road side but the outside deck fronts on a small boat basin off the Atlantic Ocean. We were there at night and they have lights in the water. People stand at the rail and throw food to the fish. The fish have a feeding frenzy with the food and it is pretty entertaining. The fish did not like french fries.

We went shopping at World Wide Sportsman (the local Bass Pro Shop).  They had Ernest Hemmingway’s boat in the store.  They also had mounted all the different South Atlantic Sportfish on the walls.  I have not been saltwater fishing and do not know what the species look like but I want to find out so when I do go I know what I caught.  They had a large fish tank and we were there for the 1:00 feeding.  As early as 10 to 15 minutes before the feeding some of the fish are at the surface gulping air anticipating the feeding. Again the fish are in competition and the feeder was suppling shrimp scraps for the fish.  This was better than the fish feeding frenzy at Hog Heaven.

After World Wide Sportsman we went next door to the Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant.  It is a very nice setting on the bay side of the Key with all the seating areas under Tiki Hut type structures.  The place is totally open with no walls but who needs them when the temps are 76 degrees. The food was very good and we will be back.  Saw lots of boats from the bay come and and leave.

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