Champ III: Going Places

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More Travels in the Keys – 2-15-13

Well we had rain last night as a cold front moved thru the Keys. It was in the mid 80’s the last couple of days and will be in the mid 70’s for today and tomorrow before another cold front moves thru. They are predicting mid 60’s for Sunday.

Earlier this week we stopped at the Wild Bird Sanctuary just south of Key Largo. Pretty interesting place with lots of different species of birds that for one reason or another are kept there after they were nursed back to health. Some of the birds we saw were brown pelicans, commorants, turkey vultures, probably 5 or 6 different owl species, ibis, heron, etc. The pelicans were all over the place. The ones that were impaired in some fashion were in a habitat cage for their own safety but there were a large nimber that kind of just hang around the outside I think looking for the free meal. They were on the walkways and all over the one beach on the Bay. It was a good time with no comercialism involved. Just a group doing a good thing.

Later in the week we went to the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key. They have done an awful lot of research on the dolphins and related species. They also provide rescue for sea lions and manatees in south Florida. They demonstrated the dolphin intelligence and put on a good demonstration and if you want to participate, you can. I have lots of pictures of the dolphins, etc.

We are supposed to have a Pops in the Park Concert here tomorrow. I hope that is entertaining. One of the fringe benefits of this marina.