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More from Islamorada – February 28, 2013


We have been enjoying the Keys since our last posting. Spending some time getting to know our fellow boaters in the Marina and Candy is building her Fan Club.

Had maintenace done on the generator and the main engines. Not too serious but a new water pump for the generator and adjusted the valves on the port and starboard engines. Hopefully all the maintenance is finished in the bilge and we are ready for the trip back to Michigan.

The Gigantic Nautical Flea Market (yes- that is how it was billed) was held in the park last weekend. I think there was over 200 booths with lots of strange stuff and lots of useful boat items. I walked thru several times and found a few small items but not major buys.

One of the couples on our dock bought a used boarding handle for $10 (similar to the one we have) which just needed a good cleaning of the stainless. A new one is probably over $300 – great buy.

We spent some time driving down the Keys and stopped at several of the bridges just as they leave each key to go to the next key. There is generally parking.  When the road was modernized the old brdge was renovated and made into a walkway so people could fish from it. The original bridges were built by Henry Flagler for his railroad to Key West and when the road replaced the railroad they initially re-used the railroad bridges but eventually they could not update the narrow bridges to current standards and built new ones.

The bridges are well used by the locals for fishing and Florida does a good job of maintaining them. I took quite a few pictures of the Atlantic side and the Bay side.

Right now we are planning on leaving Islamorada on March 17th to start the trip home.  It is approximately 400 miles to Georgia and another 800 +/- miles to Norfolk Virginia.  We want to spend some time in the Chesapeake Bay and one of the Dockmasters here is originally from the Chesapeake Bay so I will spend some time with him.  I know we want to stop in Annapolis and the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

We already have our pass for the Canadian Heritage Canals and I would like to do both the Rideau and the Trent-Severn if there is time.  We plan on 3 to 4 weeks in the Trent-Severn and 3 or 4 weeks in the Georgian Bay.  All the planning is subject to change if something good comes along.

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    1. I have the dingy in the water but it has been a little to windy. I am going to try some of the bridge fishing we saw along the Overseas Hwy and join the locals. Plenty of bait and tackle shops around so I can get some live shrimp. Also, a lot of restaurants will take your cleaned fish and cook them for you. 2 couples next to us last night had that done.

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