Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Rod & Gun Club Everglades City, Florida

Left Naples for Everglades City. Only a short delay in the morning due to fog. Traffic on the river was pretty light and mostly fisherman. Saw a large commercial fishing boat that was buying fish from the smaller recreational fishing boats and doing a pretty brisk business.
We went on the outside from Gordon Pass to Marco Island and with the wind from the east we decided to go inside to avoid Ramono Reef. On the outside we would have needed to go 10 miles south of the last land mass to avoid Ramano Reef and then we would have been into the wind for the last 40 miles.oThe inside was fairly interesting and not as developed as I had envisioned. Plenty of places where the water was pretty shallow. Pretty hard to get used to seeing low numbers on the depth sounder. A lot of the inside route is through what appears to be part of the Everglades National Park. Most of the channel areas are marked well and with the chartplotter there is no trouble knowing where to go.
The sun was out for most of the day and once we were past Marco Island the sky was pretty clear. the river traffic was pretty light after Marco Island. Almost all the boats are runabouts with some of them rentals from the marinas. The inside route leads to Florida Bay where we headed southeast toward Indian Key Pass that leads into Everglades City. Once we made the turn it was another 5 miles into the Rod & Gun Club.
Several large tour boats, pontoon style, along with kayakers, canoes and airboats in addtion to the runabouts. Channel was not to wide in spots but marked well. Lots of birds with the Osprey nested on top of a lot of the larger markers.
The Rod & Gun Club is an old boys club established in 1869 and from what I heard, several US Presidents visited the club thru the years. The building is one of the largest in Everglades City but then again Everglades City is not very large. We tied along the wall and the outgoing tide made that quite a challange. The tide must have been going out at 3 or 4 miles an hour, at least it seemed like it was.
Candy had some challanges with the changes in tide. We had a lower dock area at the back of the boat so we could walk off the swim platform and then 2 steps up to the regular dock level on the seawall. Candy would jump to the dock and up thru the rail onto the seawall intead of using the stairs. She did not like to go down to the platform to get on the swim platfor so she would jump up onto the boat. The incoming tide started in mid-afternoon and by the time we were going for our last walk for the night we were close to high tide. Our lower dock platform was an inch or two under water and the boat jumping point for Candy was about 5′ above the seawall. Candy declined the opportunity to go for a walk and we waited to the next morning.

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