Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Plantation Yacht Harbor – January 29, 2013

Hello from the Keys.  A little late this week in posting but have been cleaning the boat and change the oil.  Trying to get the maintenance out of the way before we head north.

The weather has been pretty good. It just seems strange in the morning to take Candy out for a walk before 7:00 and the temp is 74. There has been a lot of wind and talking to some of the other boaters this does not appear to be normal. We have been here 3 weeks and there have been maybe 4 days where the winds were light, less than 10 mph for the day.

We had a Bluegrass Festival at the Park/Marina the weekend before last and it was pretty good. It was open to all the boaters for free and the music was not loud or overpowering and we could not hear it on the boat.

This last weekend they had a fund raising event for the local hospital in Tavernier. They spent 5 days putting up a 18,000 sf tent structure complete with floor, lights and HVAC for the inside. It was a black tie event at $250 per plate unless you wanted to sponsor a table for anywhere from $12k to $20k. They had a live band that we could hear at the boat so it really must have been loud in the tent. They took 3 days to take the tent down. All gone as of this afternoon. Lenore and I did not go because we left our special event clothes at home.

Went to Marathon yesterday and saw the 2 marinas we tried to get into before coming to Plantation Yacht Harbor.  I think we ended up in a pretty good place. We also visited with Bob and Missy Carter and their dog Harley. We met them at Trearuer Island and saw them again at Palm Island Marina.  They spent last winter with Bill and Debbie Carver in Marathon at the Black Fin Resort. Really nice people that we will get together with again before we head north. Candy had a great time with Harley.
We had our first taste of Cuban Food the other night. We went to Habanos south and west of here. We went on the recommendation of one of the harbor masters and it was very good and I am sure we will go back again.

The pictures in this post include an unusual pontoon with a tuna tower, really strange.  Also took some pictures yesterday when we were at the Black Fin Resort.  Very nice area out at the entrance from the Gulf of Mexico.