Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Port Sanibell Marina – 2, Fort Myers, Florida

Well it rained in Florida yesterday and the day before. Wednesday’s rain was a shower that lasted maybe 1/2 hour and did not interupt anything. Yesterday we had several showers, none were very long and they were at the end of the day. Today is perfect though in the upper 70’s and pletty of sunshine.
I got a rude introduction to the noseeum bugs around here. Monday late afternoon we were sitting out on the patio talking with friend and fellow boaters and I had on my swim trunks and did not notice that my legs were getting attacked by the noseeum bugs. They are called that because they are so small they will actually go thru normal window screens. Anyway it was a miserable night with the bites itching. I took some benedryl tablets and I tried benedryl lotion on my legs with marginal if any success. I went to CVS and got a pharmacist recommended lotion that helped, but only for a few hours and the itching was back. I saw a doctor yesterday and he prescribed some pills and a lotion that I picked up and today I feel a whole lot better. The real problem is that the bites are red and raise slightly. If you break the skin while scratching they can become infected. I stopped counting when I passed 40 bites on my right leg.
I also need to correct an entry in the last blog. We have know Peggy and Ken Watton since they did the loop in 2007. So it has been 5 years and not 4 years that Lenore and I have known them.
The 1st picture is the Lady Margaret, Ken and Peggy’s winter home in Florida and wherever they are traveling. The other picture is first light at the marina, just enough light for Candy and her 1st walk of the day.