Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

The Club Treasure Island, Treasure Island, FL

Left Tarpon Springs this morning and while the sky was cloudless it was a little brisk in the low 50’s. The winds seemed to be up when we were making preparations to leave but the water was good all the way to Treasure Island (St. Petersburg Area).
Treasure Island was recommended by the people in the boat next to us at Turtle Cove and they were absolutely right. Nice people and the dockmaster was great as we had a little problem finding the marina and he gave us more than enough info for me to figure out where I was wrong. Nice place with a large club house, tennis courts, swimming pool and a large Tiki Bar.
When we were settled in I decided to go into the bilge and do my normal checks. Well the place was wet and I finally spoted the accumulator tank (AT) leaking on the potable water system. This is the tank that essentially stores water under pressure to keep the water pump from coming on as soon as a faucet is turned on. I could see no place to shut it off other than to shut the water to the boat off. After looking at the situation I noticed a couple of guys on the dock talking so I approached them to see if they might have a plug so I could remove the AT and put a plug in the fitting. It ended up that we called the local West Marine and they had an AT and were open for another hour. This one gentleman, Ken, drove me over to West Marine and I bought the new AT and a plug. I used the plug after I removed the leaking AT because the new AT is going to require a little modification to the water piping and I did not want to start that at 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon.
The intercoastal waterway is quite different from the river systems we have been on and from the panhandle GIWW. All of those were relatively undeveloped while west Florida is really 98% developed with just a few areas or empty lots left. Many many large home with some of them right next to a small ranch right out of the 50’s. Quite a striking comparison. Some people have even built the large 3 story homes across the street from the water lots and the water lots had a small ranch on them. I guess they are hoping the small ranch is never torn down with a large 3 story home being built.
A mix of pictures today from Tarpon Springs and leaving there. Some of the pictures are at the sponge docks yesterday when Lenore and I were out shopping. A couple of the Turtle Cove Marina and then several on the way out to the ICW from the marina. They include one of several trees we saw with pelicans all over the tree. We did see 3 or 4 dolphins jumping in the water today and Lenore was able to get a picture with the dolphins starting to jump. It is so hard to guess when they will come up. At Treasure Island we also have a heron that hangs out on the dock next to us.
We went to a restaurant tonight, Dockside Daves. Life there revolves around grouper. They will fix it in 6 different ways. They have a grouper sandwich, grouper dinner, grouper tacos, grouper bites, grouper rueben, grouper sliders, etc. The grouper sandwich was very good. Lenore had is grilled and I had it grilled with lemon pepper. Left overs will be good tomorrow.
I have a diver coming out tomorrow to look at the running gear and the overall condition of the bottom. We have a slight vibration in the port engine at idle speed and I want to see how the barnacle growth is progressing after 3 1/2 weeks in salt water.
We are planning on staying here two nights and then we are moving south approximately 35 miles. We should be to Sanibel Island by Dec. 1.

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  1. Dockside Dave’s is one of our Favorite places to go when we are down in that area every March!

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