Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Scipio Creek Marina, Apalachicola, FL

Trouble with the internet yesterday so today’s post is before we start out for Carrabelle, FL. it is only a short run today so that makes it easy.
Yesterday was another sunny day on the water and we ran about 60 miles from Panama City to Apalachicola. The GIWW is pretty interesting with all the different types of landscape along the way. Coming out of Panama City was probably 15 mile of various large bodies of water that they call East Bay. We even passed a ship yard that looked like they were building a large freighter. East Bay has a reasonable amount of development, mostly residential, along the shore but once you get into the river areas there was none except for the last 5 miles into Apalachicola where the Corp put in the channel but this was the Apalachicola River before the Corp. We went thru a lake, Lake Wimico, that was about 6 miles long, 3 miles wide and about 4′ deep except for the channel thru the center. We even saw a small cabin being floated across the lake. There was a guy on the porch and a small jon boat pushing it.
On the last river stretch we passed a pretty good size boat the was partially underwater along the bank, see the picture. In the last 2 travel days we have seen 3 boats that have been sitting on the bottom.
We have not had any low bridges to deal with. The one railroad swing bridge looked pretty tired and I don’t think it has operated in a long time. I took a picture of it.
We had a greeting party today at the marina. Take a look at the picture of the pelican on the piling at the marina. Pelicans and heron are everywhere down here. Large groups of the pelican will sit on the water and as you approach it is hard to tell what the dark area is on the water but they do take flight when you get close.