Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Dog River Marina, Mobile AL

The first picture is a mounted “Alligator Gar” at Bobby’s Fish Camp Restaurant. No they do not serve it but it is a real fish found in the south that will grow to 8′ to 10′ and the record is over 300 lbs. for one of these.
We also had dinner with two couples from Ohio. The ones across from Lenore and I are from Cincinnati and the other couple is from Amherst, Ohio. Donna and Jon know but Amherst is just north of Oberlin.
Started slow yesterday morning with river fog. The warm river water was steaming in the colder air temps. We waited an hour for the sun to come up and burn it off before leaving.
All 6 boats at Bobby’s left for the lock 2.3 miles down river. There were four other boats that had anchored out that ended up in the lock as well. We were out of the lock at 9:30 and that was our last lock for quite a while.
We passed quite a few tows on the river headed northbound. Today there were also a few fishermen out on the water. Lots of stuff floating in the water including tree branches and deadmen. We hit one large waterlogged branch that was mostly submerged but fortunately it did not do any damage, no vibrations or other issues.
The day was mid 80’s in Mobile and we came in from the north and the Tenn-Tom goes to the Convention Center Downtown and Dog River Marina is another 14.5 miles south on the west side of Mobile Bay. There were 2 other boats in the morning lock that ended up in Mobile for the night because they could run fast enough to make it. Overall we covered 148 miles yesterday.
The courtesy car was available and Lenore and I went out for seafood at a restaurant recommended by the marina staff. The courtesy vehicle is a Ford 150 pickup truck.
This is our first experience with tides and the tide was coming in yesterday when we arrived at Dog River. By the time we come back from dinner the boat was approx. 1′-6″ higher and you could comfortably step on the upper swim platform from the dock. This morning you could see the water moving with the tide going out. High tide was around 1:00 am.
Another sunny day today with temps supposed to be in the high 80’s. Next rain is forecast for Monday and temps will drop to the lower 70’s. Right now we are going to stay 4 days but if Moday looks like a rough weather day, we may stay another day.

4 thoughts on “Dog River Marina, Mobile AL

  1. Well you made it to the Gulf!! Congrats!!! Now we all get to fly to Florida and visit with you. Here we come! Watch out for sharks now, no Candy diving!


    1. No problem with sharks – my sissy girl doesn’t like to get her padders wet much less her whole backside. I’m more concerned with the alligators – can meet them on the sidewalk! – L

  2. It is the alligators we are on the lookout for. We are sitting at the fuel dock yesterday and the first thing Lenore asked the guy about “Was there any alligators around here?” He said no he had not seen one on the 4 years he had been working at the marina.

  3. Wish we could have gotten together in Mibile. We are in Biloxi now and tomorrow early morning we will be hauling the boat out of the water. After Greg looks at the bottom we will head back to Indiana and return after the holidays. It has been a great trip and I can’t wait to continue. I think we may head west to New Orlenes and then maybe Texas instead of our original plan of Florida. One day we will catch up with you guys. Have a great trip.

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