Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

C Quaters Marina, Carrabelle, FL

Well I would have charatarized Apalachicola as a small town and Carrabelle is even smaller but a popular spot to wait for a crossing window to Tarpon Springs. We will go direct across the Gulf the 175 +/- miles during the daylight. There is a gentleman that posts weather reports every morning during the winter for the crossing and what conditions to expect and renders an opinion on whether it will be good or not. For the most part his predictions are accurate so we will follow them. Right now it looks like Monday or we may have to wait several days.
There are a couple of good restaurants, ACE Hardware and an IGA within walking distance of the marina.
We fueled when we got here and diesel was $3.80/gal. Last night at Scipio Creek the diesel was $4.56/gal. Quite a difference and worth calling ahead to see what C Quarters’ price was.
You can see from the pictures that it was another great day. The locals thought it was a little cool in the low 70’s but it is great for us.