Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Rockwood Island

Nice sunny day but I do not think it reached the 70 degrees they were predicting. Good run to an anchorage at Rockwood Island. We are here with 3 other boats all of whom were at Hoppies last night.
This anchorage is 102.4 mile north of the Ohio River where we will anchor tomorrow night. No more marinas until we get to Kentucky Lake and Green Turtle Bay.
Uneventful today except the tows seem to be getting bigger. We have seen them 5 wide by 6 long so we are taking great care to stay out of their way.
I did some rearranging in the dinghy and provide carpet landing spots for Candy and that appears to have solved the problem so far. She had this big sand island to herself.

2 thoughts on “Rockwood Island

  1. Hey guys. Pete just got me hooked up to your blog. I now can live through you. Read your entire blog and it sounds wonderful. Enjoy.

  2. Those rock walls look like the ruins of something man-made. It’s a beautiful spot. Must feel like a long ways from Chicago.

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