Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Pebble Isle Marina

Left early today after a week at Green Turtle Bay. Great week and extremely nice marina. Had some work done on the boat and the mechanic was very helpful and the prices were more than reasonable.
It was windy this morning with the winds out of the west and southwest. Kentucky lake ranges from about 2 miles wide to less than a mile wide in the area we traveled. The winds at times made the ride a little rolly and uncomfortable but then the channel would turn and we were out of it.
We chased the sun for a while but never really caught it. Had just a brief sprinkle and the temps were in the 50’s. Pebble Isle Marina is in New Johnsonville Tennesse so we are now out of the dry counties of Kentucky. Nashville weather is calling for high 60’s tomorrow, high 70’s on Sunday and in the 80’s next week. We may have caught the warm weather.
Only passed 3 tows today but the channel is wide and none of them were an issue. Not a lot of traffic just a few bass boats running from bay to bay looking for the big one.
Pebble Isle Marina is a nice stop. We arrive about 4:00 and topped of the diesel because with discount diesel is 3.99/ gallon.
Fall color in the trees is getting better and hope to see some really nice color on the Tenn-Tom. Without the sun the color doesn’t look as vibrant as it could.
Another early day tomorrow.