Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Ottawa IL

It was misting lightly this morning so we did not get started as soon as we could have. The river was quiet with no other loopers or recreational boaters around and not a lot of tows. The weather today was on and off mist and the temperatures were about 70 and very little wind for a change.
The Tows are large freight hauling boats that push barges. The picture is at the Dresden Street Lock with a 3 wide by 3 long. On the Illinois River they can be as 3 wide x 5 long because with the push boat they take up the whole lock.
We did not travel as far as we wanted to go because as we were passing Ottowa IL we came up behind a Tow and I asked the Tow if he was on his way to Starved Rock Lock to lock thru. He answered that he was and we decided that would be at least an hour delay if not longer becasue he has precedence in the locking priorities.
We decided to stop at Starved Rock Marina just southwest of Ottawa IL. Nice quite marina so it looks like another quite night.
Also posted a picture of some of the “waterside residential” we saw and Lenore saw a convention of snowy egrets.

4 thoughts on “Ottawa IL

  1. Hi Larry, Starved Rock Marina was were that 42′ Chris Craft was I was trying to buy last summer. How funny! Hope your having a great time.

  2. Your adventure is starting to look like a lot of fun. How are you liking the rhythms of life on the (watery) road?

  3. This is pretty interesting. The river boating isn’t quite as taxing as I thought it might be and maybe some of that is the traffic is light and that could be cause we are really at the end of the boating season. Almost every place is pulling boats for storage and the hours of operation are cut back.
    Candy likes the walks but is not crazy about the small space on the boat, no where to run. She is loving the attention.

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