Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Kingfisher Bay Marina, Demopolis, Alabama

The anchorage was 4 miles from the dam and everyone started leaving at daybreak. Heart of Gold and Champ III were the only ones left and Greg called the lock on VHF and they said they would wait the 20 minutes it would take us to get there. We hustled and got the anchors up and set out on the river. We were making pretty good time when we came upon a sailboat who was headed to the lock also. We were only about a mile away so it did not make sense to pass them. We just fell in behind. All told I think it was about 25 minutes and the boats from the anchorage were all there.
It was a nice ride for the rest of the day with some spectacular white cliffs along the way. We arrived around 1:30 and fueled with diesel at $3.72 per gallon.
Strange setup with 2 marinas side by side, Demopolis Yacht Harbor and Kingfisher Bay Marina. All the paperwork and fuel are handled by DYB and the new facilities are at Kingfisher Bay Marina. It appear that the family that owns the marinas is slowly building the new marina to replace the older marina because the older marina is pretty exposed to the river and traffic. The facilities are nice but some of the services and local amenities are strange. The courtesy car is available for 2 hours, once a day. None of the restaurants in town except the one at DYB will pick you up at your boat and bring you back. There is no taxi service in Demopolis. There are 2 golf cars available to get to and from the office area and Kingfisher Bay (approx. 1 mile).
We went to dinner with Greg and Jane from Heart of Gold and they said they had been here 15 years ago and not much has changed. The dinner was nothing outstanding and some of the items on the menu were not available because they had run out of grits. They also only had two types of salad dressing because they had run out of others. They had one white wine, Zinfandel because they were out of the others. They said they had lots of beer.
We are going to stay 2 days and Greg and Jane are moving on tomorrow. They are on their way to Biloxi Mississippi.
We are Walmart Shoppers now as there is a Walmart in almost every town including Demopolis. Tomorrow is Walmart day.

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