Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Havana, IL

We traveled thru downtown Peoria IL. The river has been reasonably busy with towns and development up to now. Not packed but generally some development. After Peoria that changes. It is like the river they forgot to develop with only the little towns that in most places you cannot see.
We stopped at the Tall Timbers Marina on 10-05-12 because it was blowing and intermittent rain. One place on the river it started to rain and there were a few ice pellets mixed in for good measure.
Nice small marina and the last marina before the Mississippi River, 120 miles. 6 or so transient slips and the rest are for the seasonal boaters. The entrance was about 30′ bank to bank with 4 1/2 feet of water. Everything floats and the owner designed it to be fully functional during a flood, including be able to pump gas.
When we were backing into the slip space there were all these little fish that were jumping and the owner said they were asain carp.
Awoke to 33 degree temps with frost on the docks. Candy and I went for our walk and on returning Candy had a problem with the frost when she tried to jump on the boat and she ended up swimming behind the boat until I fished her out. We dried her out pretty quick and the cockpit heater helped.
Notice the ice on the puddles in the red canvas.