Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Green Turtle Bay Marina on Barkley Lake

We had a thunderstorm last night about (Thursday). I went up to see how we were doing. The other 2 boats we are traveling with had a problem. The anchor on one came loose and he hit the other boat. They managed to move the boat and re-anchor. There was no damage fortunately. The storm was short lived and the winds really were not that bad.
We pulled anchor early and left for Green Turtle Bay. We entered the Barley Lock with 57′ lift, the largest lift so far on the trip but it was also the fastest and least turbulent locks we have been in.
Green Turtle Bay Marina is a large marina and resort. Great floating docks and very accomodating staff. Transient slips have finger docks on each side of boat so that is convenient. Candy just loves being on dry land, docks and not having to travel in the dinghy to take a walk. The marina has 2 restaurants, a fitness center, spa, ship’s store, mechanical repair, condo rentals, boat launch, beach, etc. I think it is bigger than Grand Rivers KY.
Saturday started out cloudy but cleared and it was in the low 80’s. I think this is the first time on the trip the A/C was on. Last evening was the best with low 70’s when I took Candy out for her last walk for the day. We had some rain over night and there is supposed to be on and off rain today but temps about 70.
We plan on staying here a week before moving south on Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River.
Saturday was festival day in Grand Rivers, KY and I think everybody in the county was here, They had a parade and fair with tents for all the craft people.
Dinner last night was at a restaurant called Bill’s. We tried to get into Patti’s for their famous 2″ pork chop but the reservations would have been too late. Anyway they offered me an earlier time at Bill’s. Bill and Patti were once married and had this restaurant. When they divorced, Bill built a new, grander, place next door. They share a lot of things, wait staff, kitchen, menu, etc. It is like being in one large restaurant. Food was really good, especially the chocolate pie dessert, dark chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Green Turtle Bay Marina on Barkley Lake

  1. We want a piece of chocolate pie now! The weather has been really nice in Pittsburgh the last few days, cool in the morning and sunny, warming up by the afternoon. We have lots of windows open in the family room ; not sure we’ll be able to do that for much longer. Glad it’s warming up for you three.

    1. Jon – It was fabulous – You know I’m not a pie person – Could take or leave the meringue but the chocolate was pure dark chocolate – JUST FABULOUS !!!! Trying to figure out how to send you a piece – L

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