Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Grand Harbor Marina, TN

Day started with a wet dog. Candy and I went for our early walk while it was still dark. Candy went to jump back on the boat and her back legs landed on the fiberglass, slipped and she was in the water. Lenore had a chance to wake up to a wet dog.
Another great weather day. Was in the high 70’s and clear sky. Day started with river fog. Lots of steam coming off the water with 69 degree water and low 40 air temp. By 8:00 the fog had thinned and we were under way.
Not much traffic on the river but there still were a lot of fishermen in bass boats.
We passed thru one lock, the Pickwick Landing Lock with 55′ of lift into Pickwick Lake. Pretty large all sports lake.
Grand Harbor Marina is a pretty large marina with a condo development attached. It has all the amenities with wifi, cable tv, laundry and courtesy cars. The only drawback is a long walk to find Candy some grass. Lots of dogs around here so there is never a moments rest.
Another interesting fact is that I am standing on the docks at the marina in Tennessee looking across the Yellow Creek at Mississippi and then look left across the Tennessee River at Alabama.
Looks like we are headed down the Tenn-Tom tomorrow.