Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Grafton, IL

Well we made it to the end of the Illinois River and looked out at the Mississippi. The picture with the Looper Flag is for Jane, it is the bow cam she wanted on the boat. I think she wanted a video camera.
That picture shows the Mississippi from about 2 miles away as we are approaching. We are staying at Grafton Harbor which is really nice and at Mile 0 of the Illinois River.
Took a nice picture of a pirate ship that stopped in the harbor for fuel and another picture looking down the Mississippi from the cockpit of our boat.
Day was sunny but cool. Maybe it got to the mid 50’s. It is going to warm some this week and we will pick up a few more degrees each day as we go south.
By the way, we got Candy watered as soon as we tied up at the fuel dock. She went 18 hours between waterings. We need to work on the anchoring out procedures.

One thought on “Grafton, IL

  1. We still want the bow cam but will settle for your photos for now. We look forward to all your postings! Poor Candy- that is some serious time lapse . Too bad Max cannot be like that too! Wow. I would not need doggie daycare.

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