Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Columbus Marina, Columbus, MS

We got a liesurely start today because we knew it was one lock and about 26 miles. We arrived at the Columbus Marina at 1:00 pm.
They actually had cook to order breakfast at Aberdeen Marina. The Marina office is a convenience store and gas stop just inside Aberdeen MS. They were already open for the day when Candy and I came out of the boat at 6:10 for her walk.
The lock was 1 1/2 miles form the marina and the wait was 20 minutes so things went pretty smooth. The rest of the trip today was uneventful but we did see some shore development along the way. This section of the Tenn-Tom was here before the Tenn-Tom but the Corp straightened it so the curved sections with the homes and docks are still here. Not as dense as you see in Michigan but more than an empty shoreline.
Marina at Columbus has very freindly staff. We were given a dock with the seasonals and I set up the DirecTV for tonights World Series Game. I called DirecTV and got the run-around on local channels and that in an RV I need a separate account to receive local channels outside my home area. It would take a minimum of two weeks to setup and I would need to submit the registration of the RV. I told them their service had been good to this point but I am ready to change when I get back home. The Marina has cable TV on their normal transient dock and they repositioned the boats on the transient dock so we could fit in. They did it without a problem and made sure the cable was working. After all this I hope the game is worth it.

3 thoughts on “Columbus Marina, Columbus, MS

  1. Wow! Some really beautiful pictures. I feel like we are along for the ride!!! Love all the updates. Summer returned here today. Was blown away by the warmth when I walked out after work. Actually have the attic fan on this evening, while watching the tigers.
    Thanks for keeping us all posted. Give Candy a hug from the great lady!!!

  2. We don’t have ESPN, and I have the sense that teams I’m rooting for do better when I’m not watching, so I’ll cross my fingers and see how it went in the morning.

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