Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Chicago Starting South

Wind, wind wind everywhere. We started from the marina this morning and the wind was blowing out of the northeast and the waves were at least 4′. We only needed to go 3.5 miles to the Chicago River but it was pretty lumpy. The wind continued to howl while we were waiting for the locks at Lockport and Brandon Road but we beat sunset at Three Rivers Marina. Marina is pretty rural with the first main road 5 miles and the closest town 9 miles. The people are great and we were really tired from about 9.5 hours on the boat.
The Downtown Chicago part was really great to be boating thru a major downtown with all the skyscrapers on either side of the river. Lenore did get some nice photos.
One of the photos is from dinner last night at LaFontinella. The sunset is from today at Three Rivers after we were tied up.