Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Buckhorn Island

120 miles from Havana to Grafton where the Illinois River meets the Mississippi. Tall Timbers Marina is the last bonified marina, there is no place to stay. Under most circumstances that is not a problem except for the cold weather Illinois is having. We got a tip from Bob the owner of Tall Timbers where to anchor because he had several months ago. Well we were turning up mud so we moved on to two more locations before we found one near Buckhorn Island. We anchored about 5:00 and I took Candy into the island and she was watered. We went back later after her dinner and for the last walk of the night and she did not want to get back in the dinghy. Needless to say I finally coaxed her in. Well the temp went down to 35 and we did not run the genny during the night so it was pretty cold in the morning inside the boat. After I got everything started up again in the morning I waited for 1st light to take Candy out but she refused to go. I could not get her out of the cockpit onto the swim platform so I packed the dinghy up and we prepared for departure. The scenery is great. Pretty much all trees and flood levees with a small town every once amd a while. If there is a bridge for cars and trucks, there is a town on one side or the other.
Sorry about the lack of pictures but we have not got into the habit yet of grabbing the camera as the first reaction to something.