Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Bobby's Fish Camp

Another great day on the water. Started early because we knew we wanted to make Bobby’s Fish Camp, 95 miles.
Lenore was awake but not moving with any great speed and I was starting to make preparations for departure. Another boat captain, Snow Cat, asked if I had called the lock and I said no because we were not quite ready to leave. He went and called the lock about 3 miles away and they said to get there as quickly as possible. He told me and I told Lenore. She said she would be right up and I started to pull the cable TV line and the shore power lines and then threw the mooring lines onto the boat and we were off. We left about 7:00 and followed Snow Cat to the lock. I really appreciated the covered slip we had been in because we did not have to deal with any dew on the boat and the windows were all clear.
We ended up in the lock with 6 other pleasure craft boats, sail and power. We were out of the lock by 8:00 and had to pass 4 of the boats before we could speed up.
We went on plane for 3 hours so we could make Bobby’s at a reasonable time. The thing I had not realized was that we ended up catching some of the boats from yesterday’s Demopolis departure.
Bobby’s is one of the special looper treats similar to Hoppies on the Mississippi. It is the only marina for 216 miles between Demopolis and Mobile. Heart of Gold was here 4 days ago and the restaurant served catfish filets and they raved about them in an email. Normally the restaurant is closed Monday thru Wednesday but they served dinner for 6 people tonight and it was great.
The pictures today are from Bobby’s with the boat rafted off the Champ III from Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin, Nobile House, and the Catamaran from Tobermorey Canada, Snow Cat. These are the people we had dinner with tonight. Nobile House is actually being delivered to Tampa and it will spend the winter on the Bahamas. A delivery capatain is taking it to Tampa and he will pick up the Owners and take them to the Bahamas for the winter and next April they will fly home and he will bring the boat back north.
We will stay here one more night and then go to Mobile because we cannot be in Mobile before November 1 because of insurance on the boat. A day of rest and the temps are starting to warm back to the 70’s.

3 thoughts on “Bobby's Fish Camp

    1. Absolutely! It was terrific – loved their coleslaw too! Several of the gals even fell for the “did you save room for pie’ routine – We all ate the little lemon tarts – they were terrific. In fact suddenly everyone at the table had an extra fork!

  1. Yes you were. They did a special dinner for the 6 people out of 9 docked here last night. Sheila the cook was great and Donna was with her. Hope they do the special one more night because we will stay again tonight.

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