Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Aberdeen Marina, Aberdeen, MS

Another great morning. You can see the presunrise in the first photo looking from our dock to the 1st lock, Whitten Lock. We arrived at the lock and followed in by a sailboat/catamaran. The other pictures show you the lock in the up position when we entered and then the down position when we left. We have a total drop of 440′ down to the gulf in the locks over the next 400 miles. The Whitten Lock is the 9th largest drop in the US at 85′.
The catamaran was traveling our way and wanted to make as many locks as possible, just like us so we traveled at their speed because the locks are close enough that we would have to wait for them at each lock. So instead of traveling at 8.5 mph we traveled at 7.25 mph. It really did not matter because the first lock took the longest and all the rest we were able to drive right in and they dropped us either 30′ or 25′. We went thru 6 locks today and were on the boat for 9 1/2 hours.
Next 2 days will be short ones to help us catch our breath before a big jump to Demopolis Alabama. Looks like the weather will hold thru the week. We had 80’s again today with sun but there is a cold front moving in for the weekend and the temps will go to the 60’s.
Aberdeen Marina is about 1 mile off the Tenn-Tom but the channel is marked very well and the marina is quiet and there is grass close to the boat. I did not fuel when we came in because I only really need about 1/4 tank but the price is $3.89 per gallon so we may top off in the morning.