Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Racine Wisconsin – 20120926

Nice sunny day. National Weather service said 2′ to 4′ on the lake but the majority were 4′ to 6′ and fortunately we were going with them. Really not too bad a ride we just needed to slow down a bit so we did not bury the bow.
Pretty cool this morning in Ludington, 37 degrees. Must have been in the 50’s when we got to Racine with the wind blowing probably 15 mph. Nice marina with friendly staff and gave a a nice broadside dock at the restaurant so the walking is a minimum. Lot of sail boats here.
If mother nature is good to us we will be in Chicago tomorrow.
The one picture is a salmon that some guy caught inside the harbor fishing. Pretty good size fish for casting off the break wall, who needs to go charter fishing!