Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

First Stop

Well it was a successful start on Thursday and we arrived in Harrisville. The weather has not cooperated. It is now Sunday and we are still in Harrisville waiting for the winds to slacken. Maybe later today or tomorrow based on the forecast.

Met another boating couple today that are from Evansville Indiana. The live on the Ohio River and are headed home.

One thought on “First Stop

  1. Glad to see an update! Is it as cool there as it is here? Two days ago we were using the AC, but that huge front came through on Saturday and now the nights are in the low 50’s.

    Donna is trying to be brave about this whole adventure — ‘It’s September 10th. Do you know where your parents are?’

    Have you boated to Harrisville before, or are you already in new territory?

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