Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.


Well we finally made it to Chicago. Kind of neat to be able to see the skyline form the boat.
Someone on the Loop Blog asked yesterday how late can you leave the Georgian Bay to start the Loop. One answer was if you leave in September allow 1 month to get to Chicago for Lake Michigan. Conservative but not all that bad of an estimate considering it took us more than 2 weeks.
The ride from Racine was not the best but the waves were quartering on the stern and it was only 64 miles. We are about 3 miles south of the Chicago River entrance where it looks like Tuesday to start down the river.
The Marina, 31st Street Marina, is new. It has only been open since mid-May. Nice friendly staff and everything appears to work. Not a lot of boats here but that may be because it opened in May and not earlier.
We had a great dinner last night at our favorite Italian restaurant, La Fontanella. Nice neiborhood restaurant (2414 Oakley) that is definetly worth a visit if you are around.
Some boat chores today and Lenore is going shopping.

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