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The Performance Pack includes four piston Brembo calipers for the front axle, an adjustable suspension provided by hlins, and specific 20 inch alloy wheels. Joakim Rydholm, Polestar’s chassis development boss, explained the aforementioned parts give the 2 a “golden ride” that strikes an ideal balance between comfort and handling. Cars equipped with the Performance Pack also receive gold seat belts, and gold valve caps..

Just listening to my kids interact with their friends can lead to a wealth of misinterpretation as their language lexicon is far different from that of my generation. Rather than to open ourselves up and apply understanding of that time, it is far simpler to judge a person for their skin color and gender and demonize them accordingly. How ironic that we employ racism as a means to eradicate racism.

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My lady, boo, love. She was (which still feels weird referring to her in the past tense) an amazing woman that lived life. She was fancy. 1 and 2. Shades of Richt, who had a memorable line the ACC Kickoff when asked if he felt bad for The Citadel coach for losing grad transfer cornerbackDee Delaney to Miami. Will say this, he said.

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