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Therefore, consistent with our treatment of the expenses incurred as a result of our companywide expense reduction initiative, we are adding back to adjusted EBITDA the costs associated with these closures and consolidations. These are important initiatives, because in addition to reducing expenses and improving margin in fiscal 2019 and beyond, they will give management more time to focus on strategic more productive programs and execute on our growth strategy. The critical point is that we believe that these actions will strengthen our company and help us create long term value for stockholders..

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However, some master programs are extensions of an art education undergraduate degree in that students enrolled in an undergraduate art education program will be “grandfathered” into the graduate program in a 5th year. During this 5th year, the students will take part in their student teaching.What Type of Courses are Offered?The type of courses vary somewhat, depending on the size of the program. Larger programs, such as those housed at The Ohio State University and Pennsylvania State University, will have a wider range of course topics to choose from, particularly in the areas of art criticism, cultural influences in art education, the history of art education, and technology in art education.

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