Halifax Harbor to St. Augustine — April 8, 2013

Sorry that the website was down yesterday but it is now up and here is the latest post.

Another good day on the water. Started at 8:30 this morning and we dropped off the shower/restroom key as we drove by the fuel dock by putting it into a net being held by one of the attendants.

There was very little wind today for most of the ride. It was fairly windy when we arrived in St. Augustine and that made for some interesting docking.

We were able to get under all the bridges today without having to wait. Makes it quicker on the water. The boat that pulled out of the marina right behind us had to wait briefly for 2 of the first 3 bridges and we ended up being about 2 1/2 mikes ahead of them.

Lots of boat traffic on the water today. 80% to 90% are moving north. I saw boats from New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The ICW was quite a mix today from some reasonably developed areas to no homes at all. It was hard to tell if the areas with no development were marshy or just not developed yet. More development along the ocean front where we were able to see the ocean areas (no homes along the ICW). Some areas of the ICW are fairly straight and other areas twist all around, It was pretty twisty in the area near the Matanzas Inlet, approximately 15 miles south of St. Augustine.

Pretty easy to see the shallow parts of the ICW in the section between Matanzas Inlet and St. Augustine.  Some of the sand bars were out of the water.  We came around one bend in the ICW and there was a sailboat sitting high and dry on this sandbar and it looked like he had been there for quite awhile.  The tides in St. Augustine range between 5; and 6′ difference between high and low tide.  The St. Augustine Municipal Marina has floating docks so the tides do not present a problem getting off the boat, and Candy is happy about that.

As we were coming into the Marina in St. Augustine there is a bascule bridge just past the marina and the barge with what I thought was a rocket that we saw at the Cape Canaveral haul over canal was getting lined up to go under the bridge.  Well the bridge went up to allow him to pass but the opening was not overly wide under the bridge and the tug captain was not lined up too well and the barge rammed the wood fenders that protect the bridge abutment.  Fortunately the barge was not moving real fast but it did make a loud noise that caused me to turn to see what happened.  It appeared that the damage was minimal to the wood fenders.  I am sure they give under the force to some extent.

Lots of interesting tour boats here in St. Augustine.  We have pictures of the pirate ship and the sailing schooner.  They also have a mooring field on the edge of the ICW outside the marina.

Went to the World Golf Hall of Fame on Tuesday and it was great.  There are two floors with a large exhibit on Bob Hope and the remainder of the first floor talks about the history of golf around the world with a lot of information on the British Open.  The second floor has exhibits dedicated to each years inductees. they also have a “Locker Room” area where they have wooden lockers for each member with personal items from each of the members in their locker.  Really kind of neat.  Also as part of the ticket is a chance to take a shot to their island green in if you get a hole in one you get a free trip to the Players Championship.  Needless to say I did not win.

Titusville to Daytona Beach — April 6, 2013

Little windy yesterday.  We still had the remnants of the cold front to deal with in the form of wind.  The portion of the trip south of Cape Canaveral is on a part of the intercoastal that is probably a mile wide and with the wind out of the north there was a 2′ chop on the water.  This was not uncomfortable but we took a lot of water spray over the boat.  I had to hose the boat down to get rid of all the salt left from the spray.

Saturday is also a busy day on the ICW.  At one point we were in a line of probably 12 boats.  The boats were probably evenly divided between sail and power.  Saw probably 4 or 5 Sherriff boat’s on the water.  Lot of fisherman on the water especially neat the Cape Canaveral Cutoff Canal. I am sure a lot of them were trying to stay out of the wind and waves.

We saw 4 small, single engine prop planes that were part of an air show near New Smyrna Beach.  I could see the air traffic control tower and the planes were diving like they were on a bombing mission but they were letting out long trails of smoke.  We were able to watch this for a couple of miles.

The pictures today are from us leaving Titusville Municipal Marina.  It was a pretty good stop.  The biggest issue I had was all the signs telling you what you couldn’t do with your dog.  They certainly don’t have any dog lovers on their rule making committee.

We also have some pictures of what appears to be a missile on a barge in the Cape Canaveral Haul Over Canal.  Not a huge missile but interesting.

I also have some pictures of the Halifax Harbor where we are in Daytona Beach. It is a pretty classy place.  We are on “I” dock and they must have another couple of docks after “I”.  They do slip side check-in.  After we were tied up the dockhand  gave us some paperwork to fill out and then he did a credit card slip right there.  First time we have ever had that but he explained that the office is a long, long, walk all the way around the perimeter of the marina.  He even mentioned that we could return the shower/restroom key on our way out.  They will put out a net and you throw the key in it as you go by the gas dock.

There is also a West Marine Store on-site.  I will need to make a trip over there later today to pick up a few supplies.  There are also 2 restaurants on site, one is a Landry Chart House and the other is a dockside seafood place we may try tonight.

Tomorrow we travel to St. Augustine and the World Golf Hall of Fame.  Lenore and Candy are not real interested in that.

Melbourne – Titusville — April 5, 2013

Time really flies.  I planned on posting this yesterday or the day before.  I do not want to get behind because it will be harder to catch up.

Had a nice visit from Charlie and Sue Cook on Tuesday in Melbourne. Charlie retired from MDOT. I had worked with him for more than 14 years while he was at the Port Huron TSC. The weather was great and is was nice to tlak over old times.

We travelled on Wednesday to Titusville/ It was not a long trip but a nice section of the ICW. The last bridge into Titusville area was on my charts as a 9′ clearance bascule bridge. Well it has been replaced by a new bridge that is fixed with 66′ of clearance, yea.


Titusville is on the west side of the ICW and the Kennedy Space Center is on the east side.  There is not a lot of activity at the space center because of the space program being mothballed.  We could see the launch towers from the ICW as we moved along.  Did not see any launches and there are none scheduled right now.

Boat traffic was pretty minimal on the ICW and that was probably because it was the middle of the week. The wind was not an issue as it was out of the east at maybe 10 mph.  All in all it was a pleasant ride with the marina and its entrance channel pretty easy to spot.

The weather here has finally caught up to us. We really have had minimal rain in the time we have been in Florida. It rained on and off most of yesterday but there have been a couple of breaks for Candy’s walks. Today has been more rain but some bigger breaks between the showers. The front moved thru about an hour ago and the way the marina is situated we are rocking in the slip right now. I hope the forecasts are right with the winds diminishing later this evening because it is blowing 20 to 25 mph right now.

We originally planned on leaving today (Friday) but we stayed due to the weather forecast. We will move onto Daytona Beach tomorrow.

The pictures are pictures are of Charlie and Sue and the trip down to Titusville.

Melbourne Florida – April 2, 2013

Fort Pierce was a great stop, but time to continue north. Left in mix clouds and sunshine at 8:30. Not a lot of traffic on the water and the wind was not to bad for the first half of the trip but picked up later.

This section of the ICW is known as the Indian River and for the most part is about 3/4 to 1 mile wide. The channel is still relatively narrow and definitely needs to be followed. Not a lot of development but there are pockets along the way and some really big homes in a few areas. We passed thru Vero Beach area and Sebastion Inlet/River area. Some of the channel markers were over 1/2 mile apart and not real evident at first but the chartplotter and the binoculars really help.

Melbourne Harbor is not a real bid marina but nicely laid out with 2 restaurants in walking distance. One of the restaurants is the Chart House which is a Landry Corp establishment. Landry bought the Chuck Muer restaurants in Michigan after he and his wife died. Lenore and I dined at the Chart House last night. Nice place with great food and a great view of the ICW.

There is a park across the road from the marina and Candy enjoyed walking thru it. The park has a launch ramp and a long shoreline. A pretty nice facility.

The pictures today are from the trip up from Fort Pierce and the area around Melbourne Harbor. We saw a yacht from Sitka Alaska which is certainly the furthest from home of any boat we have seen on the trip. They came in late yesterday afternoon and were on the water by 7:30 this morning.

We had some rain late yesterday afternoon. Just got the edge of a storm that went to the north so it only rained here about 1/2 hour. Less humid today and the temps will be in the high 70’s down from yesterday’s mid 80’s.

We will stay here today and tomorrow we will be back on the water headed north.  The next stop is Titusville.