Fort Pierce City Marina, March 31, 2013 (Easter Sunday)

Just getting around to posting our trip from Old Port Cove Marina to Fort Pierce City Marina.

Friday was another great weather day in Florida. We were underway about 8:30 and there were no bridges that we would need to wait for in this 48 mile trip.

We took pictures leaving Old Port Cove and it included a pictures of some of the yachts in the harbor, Our tired crew, West Palm Beach skyline and some of the homes along the ICW. Lenore was also able to get a picture of a bird nest along the ICW.

The next set of photos are the Fort Pierce City Marina which is a very nice marina. We were here for the Farmers Market on Saturday and they also had a Craft Market Saturday morning. After the 2 markets were over they set up for the concert they had running from 3:00 to 11:00 yesterday. The music wasn’t necessarily our style but it wasn’t radical by our standards. A lot of people were here for the concert. They had 2 stages so while one was playing the other one was getting setup for their turn.

Today was a little quiter except we were able to get together with cousin Shirley and her husband Ron. Had a great visit and had lunch at the Tiki Bar looking over the ICW. They have just bought a place in Fort Pierce and they have come down to start decorating it to their tastes. It was really fortunate that the schedules worked out so we could get together.

After leaving the Tiki Bar we saw a charter fishing boat that had come in were putting their catch up on the board for pictures before cleaning the fish. Of course the pelicans were out in force hoping for some scraps from the cleaning.

Tomorrow we are moving north to Melbourne so check back for another post.

North Palm Beach – Old Port Cove Marina

Had a good ride north from Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club to Old Port Cove Marina.  The last several miles were on an area of the ICW that is essentially a large bay that is probably 1/4 to 1/2 mile across.  While the weather has turned cooler we are traveling north and that is into the wind so it is nice and warm in the cockpit.

We waited for probably 5 bridges.  None of the waits were long but in the 10 minute range each one so it added close to an hour to the trip.

Old Port Cove Marina is a very up-to-date marina with floating docks.  It is part of a gated community with very nice hirise condo buildings all around.  Lots of big boats around which I guess is not suprising for the Palm Beach area.

Candy is not real happy because it is a long walk to the grass areas and the last 2 mornings have been very chilly, in the low 50’s.

We had a great visit with my sister Jan and her husband Jim. They are in Jupiter for the week and enjoying the warmer weather. We went to dinner last night at the Sandpiper Cove Restaurant right at the marina. Good food and good service.

We are going to stay here thru Thursday waiting for mail from at home and then Friday we will move north to Fort Pierce.

The pictures are of the marina and Jan and Jim.

Miami to Pompano Beach – March 22, 2013

Well yesterday started as a nice sunny day, at least until we were away from the dock.  We were under way in time to make the 9:00 Venetian Causeway Bridge.  The cruise up thru Biscayne Bay was nice with plenty to see along the way.  Houses were not the big mansions you might imagine but some nice smaller ranch styles.

Traffic was really kind of light on the ICW, but it was Friday morning.  Once we got to north Miami the ICW necks down to really not more than about 200-300 yards wide and as we got close to Fort Lauderdale the larger buildings were all along the waterfront.  Lots and lots of traffic coming in off the ocean and in the Fort Lauderdale area.  Large Yachts waiting for the causeway bridges and not much room to get around them.

We arrived at the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club (LPYRC) just before 2:00.  Very nice facility.  It is a private club that is accepting transients.  The staff is very friendly and goes out of their way to be helpfull.  There are not a lot of slips here but the boats are mostly in the 50 to 60 foot range.

They had a wedding and reception here last night.  It was filmed as part of cable channel TLC Program “4 Weddings”.  Lot of people around and they had the event out on the patio and the bride arrived on a yacht.  I doubt that we are in the background anywhere so you do not need to look for us.  We did not crash the event.

We took some more pictures of Bayside Marina, along the ICW and at LPYRC. The day got cloudier and cloudier but the rain held off until after midnight. The morning is clear and it is going to the mid 80’s today.


I have posted pictures from “Woofstock” last Saturday at Founders Park. The whole event was a fund raiser for animal rescue, primarily dogs and cats, in the Keys. They had a track for the dogs to run and timed their laps. They used a stuffed animal on a string to get the dogs to chase it, like a greyhound track, but they only ran 1 dog at a time. They also had a jumping pool to see which dog could jump the farthest. Most dogs that I saw jumprd between 8′ and 12′ and a lot of dogs really had to be coaxed into doing the jump.

I did have the opportunity to take the dingy over to Snake Creek and out into the Atlantic from the bay. The water was not too lumpy on Saturday and the round trip was probably 6+/- miles. A picture of the boat in the bulkhead slip where we spent the last 5 days. Nice location with a good view of the sunsets over the bow. The sunset is the St. Pattie’s Day sunset.

The couple is Lance and Louise Long who originally were on the Long Dock and then moved to the bulkhead slips. We were next to them for the last 5 days. They are Floridians that travel between St. Augustine and Islamorada. We enjoyed their company very much.

The travel from Islamorada to Miami was uneventful other than the strong breeze out of the southeast. We were going to stay at Crandon Marina on Key Biscayne but they were full so we ended up in downtown Miami at the Bayside Marina. This is a combination of a shopping center with a Hard Rock Cafe and a marina. Some of the other restaurants have live music outside but it wasn’t too loud last night. Lenore and I have been here before because this marina is used as the sailboat venue for the Miami Boat Show. Candy is not thrilled because there is limited grass area.  I took some pictures of what our view is from the boat.

Right now trying to decide whether to rent a car or take a cab into Miami Beach. I need to do a little research. The cab will probably be better because of the limited parking on Ocean Drive and Collins Ave.

Right now the plan is to stay until Friday. Judy and Bob (sister and her husband) will be here either Wednesday or Thursday.  They are in the Orlando area but are coming down to Boca Raton to visit Bob’s mother.

Plantation Yacht Harbor – March 15, 2015

Thought I would post some new photos taken over the last week.

The 1st set of photos were on a windy day with some parasailers on the water. They were able to go both directions with the wind and against it and they were doing jumps and loops in the air. They were wearing wet suits becasue it was in the high 60’s both air and water.

We also had a visitor on the dingy. One of the marina resident pelicans decided that maybe we had some food so he took up a perch on the dingy pontoon. He eventually was disappointed because we had no fish for him. Candy was totally disinterested.

Also saw a manatee right next to the boat at the dock. He was just lumbering along and finally went to the other side of the harbor. He had a couple of scars on his back from what probably were previous run-ins with boats.

We have gotten our last mail drop from home so we will be on the water again on Monday morning. We are headed to Key Biscayne. So check back late Monday or early Tuesday for an update.